Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Las Rancheritas Rug Show a Huge Success!

"In the small village of 'Augustin Gonzales' located in the central Mexican highlands a group of women and men spend what little free time they have hooking rugs. You will find them working at night by the kitchen table or perhaps you will see them sitting under a tree on a hillside tending the cows and working on their rugs. Their subject matter is the life around them, mountains, cactus, cows, horses, burros, flowers, little houses, a church, chickens, ducks and more. Each art piece is entirely unique as is the skill of rug hooking in Mexico."

Those are the words fellow rug hooker Joan Sample posted on a flyer for a recent rug show featuring the Las Rancheritas hooked rugs. The show was held in Woodinville, WA at the Crystal Lake Lodge. The log lodge is nestled in the woods on a lovely private lake and made a beautiful backdrop for the 83 bright colored rugs on display. Approximately 85 people attended, men and women alike, and the room was abuzz with excitement and awe at the unique talents apparent in these rugs. This show was an opportunity to help the rug hookers of Augustin Gonzales through the purchase of their handiwork. 100% of the sales will go directly to the commission fees. This is due in part to the generosity of The Sample family, the tireless commitment of Charlotte Bell and the creative marketing strategy of Barbara Hanson. All told, with the sale of the rugs, CD's and donations, just over $6,000.00 was raised! What a huge success! It was an honor to have played even a small part in helping these people. I have posted a video/slideshow of the rugs below.

To find out more about the rug hookers of Augustin Gonzales or to host a show in your area, please contact Charlotte Bell.


  1. love it, love it, love it!

  2. Great job, Lisa. You are so creative!